Themed around the transition from day to night skating, “This Time Tomorrow” will feature the talent of Devon  Connell, Jimmy McDonald, Curtis Rapp, Dave Caddo, Brendan Granstrand and Will Harmon.  Filming has taken place over the course of 3 years, with almost 9 months spent abroad in such locales as London, Paris, Lyon, Rome, Berlin, Athens, Venice, Trieste and Montreal.  Even so, the majority of the film was shot right here in Philadelphia, a city absent in many of today’s video projects and long forgotten by the industry.  The United Kingdom’s Rory Milanes, Steph Morgan and Lucien Clarke make up nearly half the film and create a strong British presence.  Each of their sections were shot in the streets of London, where short days and long nights make the camera light a must.  Time was also spent in various other locations along the eastern seaboard including Boston, N.Y.C, Washington D.C. and Miami.  Guest appearances in the film include Steve Durante, Brian Douglas, Shaun Williams, John Kroesser, Pat Heid, Jimmy Carr, Daniel Kim, Ricky Geiger, Pat Stiener, Rich Adler, Steve Brandi and many more.  The creators of “Few & Far Between” bring you this new independent film arriving in February of 2010.